Nowak Innovations Ltd. was established in 2014 as a continuation of Wiesław Nowak’s NW-Tech that operated since 2003. Three brothers and inventors: Zygmunt, Janusz, and Wiesław Nowak, started working on devices that would increase safety of car drivers and passengers all around the world.

The company is the owner of the Automatic Emergency Door Opening (AEDO) system and the Seatbelt Emergency Cutting System (SECS).

The idea for the inventions came into existence when the Nowak brothers witnessed an accident on a highway in France, in which a young woman got trapped inside a car, and died when the car caught fire. The victim of the accident burned alive because she could not get out of the car due to stuck doors.

Ever since then, the goal of the Nowak brothers was to implement the inventions they developed in mass produced passenger cars.




The AEDO system opens car doors in emergency situations, e. g. when they are jammed after an accident, and enables the passengers to leave the vehicle, or helps third parties recover injured persons from the car.

The door are pushed open with pyrotechnic telescopic actuators, mounted in the door posts. The actuators are driven by safe pyrotechnic gas generators commonly used in the automotive industry, e. g. in airbags and seat belt pretensioners.
The actuators are controlled by an electronic circuit and can be started automatically, semi-automatically or manually by the driver or passenger of the car.

After activation, the system first opens door locks and then pushes the doors of the vehicle open. It activates after a collision, or a rollover, with a set time delay, e.g. 5-15 seconds, after the vehicle comes to a halt. It can also activate after the vehicle falls into water or after if it catches fire.

Our devices can be installed both in new vehicles, as well as in used vehicles as additional equipment.

They can be also installed in new and used vans, trucks, buses, armored passenger cars, armored military vehicles, airplanes, both civil and military helicopters, trains and rail vehicles, fire protection systems, smoke dampers, and emergency exits.


In an event of an accident, the SECS system can cut jammed seat belts and allow victims of the accident to quickly leave the car on their own.

The system becomes activate after a collision, or a rollover, with a set time delay, e.g. 5-15 seconds, after the vehicle comes to a halt. It can also activate after the vehicle falls into water or after if it catches fire.

The electronic sensor transmits an electrical pulse to activate the gas generator which pushes a blade through the seat belt and cuts it.

The device is mounted on the seat belt tape, in the vehicle door pillar. The device can be mounted both in a new vehicle, as well as in a used car as additional equipment.


The AEDO (Automatic Emergency Door Opening) and SECS (Seatbelt Emergency Cutting System) systems are designed to simplify and accelerate evacuation and rescue procedures for servicemen trapped inside damaged vehicles.

AEDO and SEC consist of pyrotechnic telescopic actuators which in programmed sequence force open jammed locks, pry open jammed doors and hatches while also cutting seatbelts.

AEDO and SEC systems can be activated automatically by sensors after a pre-programmed delay following collision, IED explosion, fire or other similar instances forcing the vehicle to stop; manually by the driver or surviving passengers, as well as from the outside, by rescue teams.

The simplicity of design allows both for use in currently produced models and for retrofitting in existing vehicles almost regardless of their age and original design.

AEDO and SEC offer numerous advantages over existing evacuation systems as they don’t require physical strength to remove window panes or waiting for arrival of heavy equipment to pull the doors open. Instead, pyrotechnic actuators can be activated electronically even by wounded personnel or by the rescue teams from the outside. Because the system attempts to force the locks open first, the damage caused to doors and hatches in the second phase of opening is minimal.

The system is now being implemented in the most recent design of armored personnel carrier developed for the Polish Army. Tested to open even the heaviest of doors on wide range of military equipment.



Our team of engineers who invented the AEDO and SECS systems.



AEDO and SECS systems are inventions in the world and are protected by patents in Poland, the European Union, the US and Hong Kong:

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    590 CONGRESS – RZESZOW (17-18.11.2016)

    On November 17-18, 2016, we took part in the 590 CONGRESS in Rzeszów, where we were invited to participate in the "Showroom of the latest Polish technologies".We had the honor to host the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, at our stand, and we...

    IMPACT17 CONGRESS IN CRACOW (31.05-1.06.2017)

    IMPACT17 CONGRESS IN CRACOW (31.05-1.06.2017)

    On May 31-June 1, 2017, we participated in the IMPACT17 congress in Krakow, where we talked with Mr. Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education, who got acquainted with our innovations, highly appreciated them and wished us...


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